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                                                     MOORE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT



Article 1 The name of this organization will be the Junior High Student Council of Moore Public School District.

Article II PURPOSE: The purpose of this organization is to provide leadership for student government; to promote a good student-teacher relationship; to provide an opportunity for student expression; to develop attitudes of and practice in good citizenship; and to promote harmonious relations throughout the entire year.

Article III MEMBERSHIP: The council will consist of a principal, two sponsors, five officers, and one representative from each homeroom or panel of Student Senators.


The officers will be an Eighth grade President, and Eighth grade Vice-President, an Eighth grade Secretary/Parliamentarian, a Seventh grade Vice-President, and Representative-at-Large. All officers will have a 3.00 grade point average based on the preceding semester average and current progress report. Officers will turn in grade incidentals at the discretion of the sponsors.


The members will be considered to be a good citizen of the school. All Senators must start out the year with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 and if not maintained will be removed from the council. During the first month of school first period classes will pick two representatives. Each Senator can have his/her grades and behavior checked at discretion of the sponsors. All Senators will be held to the same guidelines and standards as the officers (see Expectations of STUCO Officers). A minimum 2.0 GPA is required to retain representative status. Any violation will result in the same disciplinarian action as the officers.

Article IV


A. Preceding the elections, students interested in a Student Council office should attend a preliminary meeting to receive a packet of candidate forms. They must turn in their completed registration packet before they are allowed to campaign. Refer to appendix 2 for campaign rules.

B. There will be one week of campaigning under the supervision of the Student Council. Elections will be held by secret ballot.

C. A confidential tally of votes will be tabulated by Sponsors. Announcement of winners will be made by Sponsors as soon as possible after voting. Winners will be based on a simple majority (the highest number per office will be declared the winner). There will be NO runoffs unless there is a tie.

D. Installation of officers will take place at the last Student Council meeting in May.

E. Student Council candidates must have a record of good citizenship as outlined in the student handbook.

F. Seventh grade Vice-President will be elected in the fall following the same regulations.

G. Sponsors may appoint the Representative-at-Large in the fall after the Seventh Grade Vice-President election.


A. President

· To preside at all Student Council Meetings

· To call special meetings with sponsor approval

· To work with the Student Council sponsors in determining the business and agenda for each meeting

· To willfully participate in any activity assigned by the Student Council sponsor

· To communicate with fellow officers, sponsors, and school population regarding Student Council affairs

· Serve as leader on sponsor assigned committees

B. Eighth grade Vice-President

· Will assist the President as needed

· Will serve as a representative and spokesperson for his/her grade level

· To willfully participate in any activity assigned by Student Council sponsor

· Serve as leader on sponsor assigned committees

· To communicate with fellow officers, sponsors, and school population

· To keep a record of attendance for the 8th grade class during Student Council meetings

C. Secretary /Parliamentarian

· Will keep the minutes of all Council meetings

· To make and record the proceedings of each council meeting

· To prepare a membership roll according to grade level

· Send out proper notices and announcements of Student Council meetings

· To bring to each council meeting the minutes of all previous meetings, the constitution of the Student Council, and a list of all Student Council members

· To willfully participate in any activity assigned by Student Council sponsor

· Serve as leader on sponsor assigned committees

· To communicate with fellow officers, sponsors, and school population

· Will define and interpret the Constitution

· Keep the meeting under some form of parliamentary procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order

D. 7th Vice President

· will assist the President and Eighth Grade Vice President as needed

· will serve as a representative and spokesperson for his/her grade level

· To willfully participate in any activity assigned by Student Council sponsor

· Serve as leader on sponsor assigned committees

· Will serve as a representative and spokes person for his/her grade level

· To communicate with fellow officers, sponsors, and school population

· To keep a record of attendance for the 7th grade class during Student Council meetings

· To track officer activity points

E. Representative-at-Large

        • To willfully participate in any activity assigned by Student Council sponsor
        • Serve as leader on sponsor assigned committees
        • Will serve as a representative and spokesperson for all grade levels

Section III. Officer Activity Points

In order not to detract from student academic achievement, during one school year, a Moore Public Schools Junior High Student Council Officer will be limited to no more than fourteen (14) points in school leadership. The appropriate points are listed for each activity below.

· Student Council Officer………………………….6 points

· NJHS Officer………………………….…………6 points

· Other Club officer………………………………..3 points

· Club member……………………………………..1 point

· Cheerleading……………………………………...4 points

· School Sports……………………………………..3 points per sport

· Academic Team…………………………………..2 points

Any student having an excess of fourteen (14) points shall be notified of this violation by the secretary of the Student Council. The student will have two weeks (10 days) to drop an activity or resign from his/her office. These points will be checked at the beginning of each semester.



The responsibility of any member of the Student Council is to perform the following duties:

1. Uphold and promote the goals and objectives of this organization.

2. Attend all council meetings.

3. Function as an active member of assigned committees.

4. Insure the best representation possible for his/her constituents.

5. Maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average


All Senators must meet the following criteria:

1. Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

2. Be willing to accept the duties and responsibilities of a Student Council Senator


1. The selection procedure shall be determined by the sponsors and advisory board.

2. The selection process should insure an equal representation per grade level.


1. A Senator may be removed if he/she fails to maintain the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of a Student Council Senator.


Section I. A. An officer will be referred to the Sponsor, Principal, or Advisory Board for possible removal from office for any of the following reasons, but not limited to:

· failure to represent his/her group properly and fairly as outlined by the officers duties in the Student Council Constitution

· failure to carry out his/her duties as an officer

· improper school behavior as outlined in the student handbook and non-favorable behavioral incidentals from faculty or staff

· behavior referrals to the office

· actions which reflect behavior not compatible with the image of school leadership as outlined in the Officer Behavior Expectations in appendix 1

· actions which reflect negatively on the school

· missing three (3) meetings without notifying the sponsor prior to the absence

B. Any officer not maintaining the grade point for his/her office or having an “F” will be placed on two (2) week probation. At the end of two weeks if the officer has brought the grade point or “F” back up to his/her proper level, probation ends. If the officer has failed to raise the grade point or the “F” or if the grade drops again he/she will be removed from office.

C. Documentation from the administrator of the school that any officer has been suspended from school will result in termination from office.

D. Documentation from the administrator of the school that any officer has been placed in ISD will result in immediate referral to the Sponsor, Principal, or Advisory Board for possible removal from office.

E. Any officer who has resigned or been dismissed from a Junior High Student Council will not be eligible to run for office the following year in the Moore Public Schools.

F. Representatives/Senators who are absent two unexcused times will automatically be dropped from the Council. Unexcused means neither the representative/Senator nor an alternate attends. A representative/Senator may be removed from the Council by the recommendation of the Homeroom/constituent class(es)/teacher(s), Officers, Sponsors, or Principal.

G. Any officer who feels he/she cannot carry on with the required responsibilities and duties of the office or who transfers or moves away, will submit a written resignation to the sponsors without going before the Council. The written resignation will be reported to the Council at the next meeting.

H. Any student who has been dismissed from student council will be granted five (5) days in which to file a written appeal to the head principal of the school. The dismissed member may appeal the decision of the principal by following the regular appeals process in place in the school.

I. An officer may only be placed on one probation period per term in office for behavior or grades.

J. An officer who fails to meet the requirements, duties, and responsibilities will result in the sponsor taking disciplinary action. If this becomes necessary, the following steps will be followed:

Step 1- Verbal reprimand

Step 2- Written reprimand with parents being notified

Step 3- Two weeks probationary period with parents being notified.

Step 4- Termination or referral to the Advisory Board for possible removal from office.

*During the probationary period the officer must meet the requirements, duties, and responsibilities for the office or be dismissed.


A. If a representative/Senators resigns or is removed from office, a new representative may be selected.

B. If an officer resigns or moves after installation, but before September 1st of the next school year, the sponsors will select a replacement from the students who ran. If the office was opposed, the person having the next highest number of votes takes the position. If the office was unopposed, the sponsors will select from the remaining candidates regardless of the office they ran for as long as they have the proper qualifications for the vacated office. If there are no qualified candidates the sponsor can appoint a replacement officer from the council body.

C. If an officer resigns or is removed from office after September 1st, the sponsors will be empowered to fill the vacancy within the Council Body.

Article VI Officers must earn the right to attend convention. Sponsors and administrators have the responsibilities of the selecting the officers to attend the convention and any other school sponsored activities.


A. Officer and representatives will meet at least once a month as a body. The President or sponsors may call a special meeting if the need arises.

B. Officers and sponsors must meet at least once a month. The president and sponsors may call any additional meetings as necessary. These meetings will be outside of normal school hours.

Article VIII

Section 1: SPONSORS: The principal will appoint two members of the faculty to sponsor the Student Council. Sponsors serve as advisors and do not vote.

Sponsors will:

A. Monitor the performance of the Student Council officers; replace them if they are deficient

B. See that the Student Council officers fulfill their duties. Sponsors are NOT to do the officers’ duties for them

C. Be available at all times to help the officers with any problems

D. Check officers’ grades

E. Discipline officers

F. Arrange for transportation to and from Student Council State Convention or other activities

G. Excuse members from class for Student Council activities

H. Help facilitate accomplishment of the Student Council goals without dominating or coercing

I. The sponsors reserve the right to terminate any officer

Section 2: Advisory Board: The advisory will consist of four faculty members, each grade level will be represented, and 1 counselor. The members will be a year long volunteer basis.

A. Has the power to remove any officer/Senator from office

B. May be called on at the discretion of the sponsors or administration at anytime to consult in a decision.

Meeting Guidelines

A. The students, parent/guardian, sponsors are invited and encouraged to attend the advisory meeting to present a case. Twenty-four hour notice will be given.

B. Meeting must take place within 1 week of incident

C. Must have a quorum of three

D. Board has the ability to table decision for further discussion for a twenty-four hour period

E. After a twenty-four hour table, a decision must be reached by all parties of the board

F. A table may only take place when all parties of the board are not present

G. The board will retire to executive session after all parties have presented cases.

H. The board will present a written decision to all parties within a twenty-four period.

Article IX QUORUM: Three of the Student Council officers and/or two-thirds (2/3) of the representatives/Senators will be present to conduct business.

Article X POWERS: All powers of the Student Council are delegated to it by the school administration. Therefore, the Principal has the right to veto any act of the Student Council or to revoke any of the powers held by the Student Council.

Article XI VOTING: Only representatives/Senators may vote, or if the representative does not attend the meeting, an alternate may vote in his/her place. All officers except the President have a vote; the President votes ONLY in the event of a tie.

Article XII AMENDMENTS: The constitution may be amended by a simple majority vote of the district sponsors and approval from the junior high principals.