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Brink Esports logo with bobcat claws tearing through a red background holding a video game controller

We are excited to start up an Esports club this year! Registration forms for Esports can be found outside of Mrs. Gordon's room (Room 109). The cost to join Brink Esports is $20. This fee goes towards the Oklahoma Scholastic Esports (OKSE) program fee. For more information, check out the tabs below.

What is Esports?

Esports is highly organized, competitive video gaming – multiplayer or solo. 

Benefit of Esports

At Brink, we want to provide students with the skills, tools, and strategies necessary to shape their personal growth and success.  Companies are looking for skills in critical thinking, communication, adaptability, cooperation, self-management, collaboration, and responsible technology practices. All of these and more are developed as players practice and compete. Programs around the world have reported improvement in school engagement for students who are struggling in the modern school setting. The support and positivity players are expected to give their teammates boosts confidence and encourages personal growth. 


Esports Sponsors: Melissa Casarez and Tobi Gordon