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Documents & Links

Musical Instruments & Supplies

Instrument Buying Guide

What to look for when purchasing an instrument.

Edmond Music

Lease approved instruments from this site.

Palen Music Online Store

This site is specifically for Moore Schools.

Study Guides 

Note Names

This guide helps with note identification in both treble and bass clef.

Key Signature Guide

This chart shows all the key signatures for both treble and bass clef.

Key Signature Chant

This chart aids in memorization of key signatures.

Music Terms Review

These music terms will be on the Fall Semester Test for all grades.

Rhythm Slides

This is a PowerPoint presentation.

A music theory website with useful tools and lessons. 

Glossary of Musical Terminology

From Wikipedia with links to other musical terms sites.

Fingering Charts

Yamaha Musical Instrument Guide

Includes fingering charts

Flute Fingering Chart

From the Gemeinhardt flute company

Flute Trill Chart

From the Gemeinhardt flute company

Online Study Music Help

The Online Metronome

This is a handy tool that includes tuner, piano drone, and instrument fingering charts.

Music Theory Lessons

From AAA State of Play

Finale NotePad

Free notation software allows you to start writing music on the computer.

The Arts in OKC

Oklahoma City Philharmonic

Go to a concert.  It's a great musical experience!

Oklahoma Flute Society 

Created to benefit anyone who loves the flute 

Canterbury Voices

Offers artistic and educational experiences of the highest quality through great choral music. 

Music Apps for Smartphones

Android Phones