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Band Instruments

Instruments in the Band

Beginning band students at Brink may start on the following instruments. Choose either woodwinds, brass, or percussion. Recommended instruments for beginner students are listed. This is an entry-level list only. For step-up recommendations, see Mr. Ortega or your private instructor. Instrument brands are listed in alphabetical order and are available at the music stores listed at the bottom of the page.

GO HERE and select videos to see and hear of each of the instruments.

Woodwind Instruments


The flute is one of the higher pitched instruments of the woodwind family. It has a beautiful sound that can be light and happy, or quiet and clean.

Recommended flutes:

  • Gemeinhardt 2SP / 2SPA
  • Jupiter JFL511S / JFL700
  • Yamaha YFL 200AD



This is a popular woodwind instrument. It can play both high and low notes. A band generally has more clarinets than any other instrument.  Larger clarinets such as the bass clarinet are available to older students.

Recommended clarinets:

  • Buffet B-12
  • Jupiter 635 N
  • Selmer CL301
  • Yamaha YCL200AD
  • Buffet E-11 (wood)
  • Yamaha YCL34 (wood)

Recommended accessories:

  • Vandoren 2RV, 5RV, or B45 mouthpiece
  • J & D Hite Premiere mouthpiece  
  • Vandoren 2½ reeds



The oboe has a distinct, beautiful sound and often plays sad or expressive melodies.  Because it is a difficult instrument to play, students playing oboe are required to take private lessons. Email Mr. Ortega for a list of private teachers.  Oboe is a school-owned instrument.


Recommended accessories:

  • Jones Medium-Soft or Medium Oboe Reeds 



The bassoon is a bass double-reed woodwind instrument that makes a warm, dark and reedy sound.  Students playing bassoon are required to take private lessons.  Email Mr. Ortega for a list of private teachers.  Bassoon is a school-owned instrument.


Recommended accessories:

  • Jones Medium-Soft or Medium Bassoon Reeds 


Alto Saxophone

The saxophone is a very popular instrument and comes in various sizes and ranges. Beginners start on the alto saxophone. Larger saxophones such as the tenor sax are available to older students.


Recommended altos:

Recommended accessories:


Brass Instruments

Trumpet or Cornet

The trumpet and cornet are the highest pitched instruments in the brass family. They are played in all types of bands and orchestras.

Recommended cornets

Recommended trumpets

Recommended mouthpiece


French Horn

The French horn has a rich full sound. It is a brass instrument built in a circle, with a large bell that is held down by the player's side.  French horn is a school-owned instrument.


Recommended mouthpieces:



The trombone sounds brassy like the trumpet, but makes a lower sound. Moving a long slide changes pitches. The trombone is very popular and is in great demand in both bands and orchestras.


Recommended trombones

Recommended mouthpiece:


Baritones are actually small tubas. The baritone (or euphonium) sounds in the same range as a trombone but has a mellower sound.  Baritone is a school-owned instrument.


Recommended mouthpiece:



The tuba is the largest and deepest member of the brass family. It is the bass of the band. Even though the tuba is big and plays in a low register, it can play very fast notes or light and lively tunes.  Tuba is a school-owned instrument.


Recommended mouthpiece: 



You don't just play drums. Xylophone, marimba, bells, chimes, tambourine, timpani, triangle, and cymbals are among the many instruments percussion students learn to play.  The beginning student will start on a percussion kit which includes a small set of bells and a drum pad.  See Mr. Smith's 7th grade percussion page.

Recommended kits:

Sticks & Mallets


  • Jupiter JAS700
  • Selmer AS400
  • Yamaha YAS200AD
  • Selmer C* mouthpiece
  • Vandoren 2½ reeds
  • Bach CR301
  • Yamaha YCR2310 
  • Bach TR300H2
  • Jupiter JTR700
  • Yamaha YTR200AD 
  • Bach 7C (specify cornet or trumpet)
  • Bach 7 mouthpiece
  • Schilke 31 mouthpiece
  • Bach TB301
  • Jupiter JSL700
  • King 606
  • Yamaha YSL 200
  • Bach 12C or 6½AL 


  • Bach 12C or 6½AL 
  • Conn Helleberg mouthpiece 
  • Innovative Percussion
  • Pearl 
  • Vic Firth
  • Yamana
  • Promark PK23 mallets
  • Promark SD-1 or SD3 drum sticks