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Westmoore Jr. High Track

The track team consists of both 7th & 8th grade boys and girls from Brink and Moore West (Westmoore HS boundaries) combining to form the Westmoore Junior High Track Team. Track season begins in February. Practices are held initially at each junior respectively and eventually move over to Westmoore High School.


Interested in participating in Track and Field, sign up by sending an email to the coach below..

Coaches:  Brent Long, CJ Turner, Callie Fox Terrell, Brandon Lewis

Westmoore Junior High Track General Information 2024 - Coming Soon!

Below you will find some of our track and field workouts we use at practice:

Dyanamic Warm Up including Fence Drills:  Dynamic Warm Up

Static Warm Up:  Static Warm Up

Skip Routines:  A - B Skip Routines / Sprinting Drills That Develop Proper Form Video

Dialy Core Workout:  Daily Core Workout

Wicket Drill:  Wicket Drill Video

Relay Mechanics:  Master the Relay Handoff for Faster Times Video

Westmoore Junior High Track and Field Schedule

  All Student Athletes in MPS must complete ALL of the forms on Rank One before they can participate in any sport.