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Coaches Information


5 Pillars of a Bobcat Coach:

  1. Lead by example.
  2. Every player deserves your time and attention.
  3. No player is above the team.  Team rules are the foundation of your success.
  4. The 5 pillars of a Bobcat and the mission statement is an invaluable tool.  Use it!
  5. Be an invaluable teammate for Brink.


Program Foundation To Do List:

  1. Create a misssion statement for your program.
  2. Create your plan to introduce the "5 Pillars of a Bobcat" to your players.  They must understand our expectations and our foundation.
  3. Create a plan to use the "5 Pillars" in your everyday activities and motivational talks.  They must be used to become our foundation.
  4. Come up with creative ideas to show off and communicate the "5 Pillars" in your facilities.
  5. Buy in and believe.  Walk the walk, not talk the talk.  If our student athletes don't believe you, they won't buy in themselves.


Required Courses:

  • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries: Talk to the Athletic Facilitator regarding this course
  • Care and Prevention must be renewed every three years per OSSAA.  Westmoore has decided to have all coaches renew Care and Prevention every two years (Even Years).
  • Fundamentals of Coaching: Taken your first year of coaching.


The Following Courses MUST be taken Yearly:

  • Concussion in Sports
  • Heat Illness
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • ASCCA Spirit Safety Course - Cheer Coaches Only


NFHS Learning Center Website:  NFHS Learn

NFHS Traning Course Instructions:  NFHS Training Courses