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Educational Philosophy

Brink Junior High School believes that the purpose of education is to transmit aspects of the culture to students and to direct students toward, and provide them with, an opportunity for self-fulfillment. Education should provide the nation with a literate populous, an informed electorate, and an opportunity for all to have the option of lifelong learning.

Brink seeks to educate students to their greatest personal and intellectual potential. We help the individual student to become a better adjusted citizen who can obtain a feeling of self worth through accomplishments within a varied curriculum in our school.

A great deal of what students learn depends on how they learn. We believe that education is best achieved when students become involved in experiences meaningful to their lives in today's world. Since our world is rapidly changing, we provide a safe environment in which the student can adjust to these changes while preparing for the future.

We believe that students should develop habits, attitudes, and skills necessary for a productive, satisfying life in civilized society.  Each student should be helped to understand the duties and privileges of responsible citizenship as it relates to the individual and to the world community. We also strive to help them develop an appreciation of artistic and moral values. We recognize that extracurricular activities are important in the overall development of the student and have a place in the school day.

We request the advice and support of the community, the parents, and especially the professional staff as we endeavor to provide for the total education of each individual learner. All aspects of the school day are determined by the student's age, level of maturation, and level of achievement. We are dedicated to helping students become better adjusted, capable of being positive contributors to society, self-supporting, and happier with themselves.